Paris · travel

La vie en rose

Having realised it has now been almost 2 years (!) since I started to think about moving to Paris, I’ve decided to reminisce a little about the the best places, and share the best tips for everyone thinking about going there on holiday, or even moving out there (good choice).

Over the next few posts I’ll be discussing key points – the different quartiers, accommodation, bank accounts, phone contracts, CAF (if you don’t know about this already, the fun awaits!), and for those who are just holidaying: all the must-sees, the best bits not included in the guides, and an honest representation of the city of lights.

Despite the hustle-bustle which occurs in every city, a simple walk by the river is enough to take your breath away (and not just due to the exercise). The baguettes are great. It is acceptable to have coffee whenever and wherever. People are a strange combination of relaxed yet switched on, with that certain je ne sais quoi.




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