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Froyo à gogo

One of my favourite snacks things (ever) is frozen yoghurt (lovingly referred to as froyo); healthy yet delicious, it’s great for all occasions in all seasons, and it’s socially acceptable to enjoy it with a huge range of toppings. It’s not just a new(ish) health super-food fad, it’s here to stay.

There are, of course, lots of little froyo shops popping up all over the place, even in smaller cities which aren’t as hip. One shop which is renowned in London is Snog, which is, I must admit, the one which lit the fire of my love for this tasty treat, and remained the favourite for a long time. However, that all changed when I arrived in Paris.

The first froyo place I found was situated on Rue Mouffetard, a great little street in the 5th, near the Panthéon. Full of cute little bars and eateries (set menu galore!), it’s the interior design of Rosa Kiwi which initially makes it stand out. Once you enter, it’s immediately clear what England has been lacking: self-service. No waiting around to choose up to 3 toppings on one of 3 sizes – you get one big tub, and you can go crazy. There’s even a mixing nozzle in between the other two, allowing flavours (ranging from the classic natural to fruity and then again to peanut butter) to be combined. Then come the toppings: add sauces, fresh fruit, gummy bears…. whatever takes your fancy. But then comes the time to pay, normally almost always a time of uncertainty in Paris with the varying, usually pretty expensive prices …… 6 euros! Bargain!! [Especially if you saw how much I had, you’d realise what good value this actually is… ]

Then came the next discovery – my friend happened to walk down a side street one day on the way to the Centre Pompidou (or the Beaubourg as it’s fondly referred to), & spotted another froyo parlour, Chacun ses Goûts. Naturally, we had to check it out, & this one, dare I say it, might even beat the first. Despite only opening at lunchtime (as I quickly found out when I went for the seemingly English concept of ‘elevenses’), the comfy cushions and the central location of the shop make it perfect during a day of sightseeing and cultural visits. It is, once again, self-service, and so it is perfectly acceptable to have as many toppings as you can fit in the tub. Although this time, the decision is even harder… with a huge variety of toppings including all sorts of fruit, crumble, granola, choc chip shortbread, cookies, chocoballs, nuts, sauces… this one really takes the biscuit. On my first visit, I was amazed at the range of toppings and sauces, and even more surprised when the price stayed in the comfy range when it was time for that big weigh-in.

This said, they’re both fantastic, and are really something I miss about Paris (of all things, this features highly!). However, blog as much as I may, the proof is in the pudding – go & try it for yourself!

Rosa Kiwi

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