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Crocodile Cocktail? Crazy!

Part of the reason which makes the year abroad so great is, of course, the possibility of exploring, relaxing and spending time with friends (both old & new). Keen to find quirky places near my flat, I did a bit of research and found a cocktail bar called Le Crocodile on TimeOut [the apparent lack of their own website, despite the Facebook page, is just one example of their edginess]. The French, although known for their wine, also have a good range of other alcoholic tipples (notably of my favourites: Grimbergen Ambrée), and this cocktail bar really is something else.

Location-wise, it’s pretty central (especially for those living on/near the Left Bank!). In a previous post, I mentioned the great street Rue Mouffetard (being blogged about soon!), and this bar is just a stone’s throw away from there. Situated on the right of the Panthéon as you walk up from the Seine, instead of on the left like Rue Mouffetard, it’s handy for metro stops and gives a pretty view of the Eiffel en route.

Upon arrival, it seems a little run-down from the outside, but this is all part of its charm. You’re seated at a table, and given a menu, a piece of paper and a pencil, and then you can delve into the task of deciding which cocktail (or two) you fancy from the list, which includes over 300 (yes, really!). Cocktail galore indeed. Given the extensive range, there’s something for every taste: fruity, sweet, chocolatey, strong, not as strong, and even one with Earl Grey tea! Perfect for the English missing home an eensy bit.

The shots are also worth a try; the delicious spéculoos makes an appearance, as well as a scrummy caramel, but these are evidently for if you’re going all-out rather than having that casual tipple… & for when you need something a bit more solid, the generous portion of peanuts is bound to do the trick. Reasonably priced too: always under 10 euros per cocktail, which are all at the same price (making it even harder to choose!). The great ‘happy hour’, which the French love so much, takes place before 11pm, further dropping the already reasonable prices. What more can you want?!

Well, the best part is still to come. Once you have chosen (no mean feat!) and started to drink your marvellous concoction, you’ll notice something in it. Usually, this isn’t a good sign… but in Le Crocodile, each drink comes with France’s seemingly favourite sweet, the Haribo Hari Croco, which soaks up the alcohol and becomes a tasty treat. Having said this, depending on the length of the glass and the amount of ice, it can become a bit of a défi trying to extract it, making the whole experience that little bit more fun…



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