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Mouffetard’s Mini Metropolis

As mentioned in the previous post, Rue Mouffetard, situated just off Rue Monge in the 5th arrondissement, really is a local gem. Full of restaurants and bars, there are plenty of things to do both by day & by night.

I found this great street when I was wandering back along Rue Monge from a day at University (Sorbonne Nouvelle 3), and decided to take a detour. That’s one thing I love about Paris, random meandering can lead to great discoveries. I instantly saw the array of eateries and drinks emporiums, and knew I had to come back. Situated just behind the Panthéon, it was only a stone’s throw from my flat.

To give a snapshot of this diverse rue, I’ll mention a few of my favourite haunts, and hopefully then you’ll be able to see the charm this place truly has.

1) The Mayflower. Situated on the left about half way down, this great bar is reminiscent of a brown bar in Amsterdam, with wooden features and comfy stools. & how about the great range of home-made flavoured rum? Only for the brave – even the usually sweet banana is packed with a punch.

2) Chapi Chapo. This bar is kooky and great, and the scene of multiple Franglish meet-ups (another topic which is coming soon to my blog!). Quirky on the inside, it offers a great range of cocktails, spirits and beers, and why not mix it up with a beer cocktail? Surprisingly tasty, especially with fruity beer.

3) Student Bar. As the name suggests, this drinks emporium is targeted at students, and so is a great place to meet people. Drinks are cheap, and the atmosphere is great, with a cosy downstairs seating area. Cocktails are good value (& shots even better, for when you’re pushing the boat out!). Missing England? Definitely a place to go.

4) Au P’tit Grec. My favourite eatery. It may just look like another takeaway stall, selling savoury and sweet crêpes, but it is so much more. Freshly made, the crêpes themselves are the size of a record, and generously heaped with mixture, giving just the perfect amount. The fillings are where things get even better; choose from a huge range of ingredients, mix it up, stick with the classics… whichever you go for, you’re bound to get more than you bargain for, all sandwiched in nicely to create one of my favourite foods in Paris (and believe me, there’s some competition!). And, just in case you’re wanting even more reason to go… it’s great value, hovering around 5 euros. Definitely worth giving into temptation and paying a visit (it won’t be your last!).

There we have it, my 4 favourite parts of this glorious street. There is, of course, a huge variety of other restaurants, ranging from Tapas to Japanese, from fondue to the classic 3-course menu for 10 euros, & not forgetting the great Rosa Kiwi from my previous post!

The marché held there on a Sunday is definitely worth a visit too, nothing better than having fresh French produce (even the original, and arguably unbeatable, French cheese and baguette).

So whatever the time of day, Rue Mouffetard will have something going on. It has something for everyone, and played a huge part in my enjoyment of Paris. If I were ever at a loose end on a night, my friends & I would nip out for a drink or a snack along here. But with so much more to be discovered, why not pop along yourself & soak up some of that unmistakable ambiance parisienne?


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