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Battle of the Bars

Moving on from the delights of nature, I’m staying seasonal with the bank holidays that pop up around Easter – and what better way than to go for a few drinks with your friends?

Being the metropolis that it is, you’re never short of a bar to go to in Paris, and I have already done a few blog posts about some of the best (Le Croc and the selection along Rue Mouffetard). However, you must not miss two of my favourites: Café Oz and The Long Hop. Both different, both fab. Both great for a celebration. So how do you choose which to go to first? Here we go: Café Oz vs. The Long Hop.

  • Café Oz

Situated in 4 locations over Paris, this chain is also in a few other main French cities. Bringing the undeniable ‘Oz’ feel to the French capital through its interior decor and music, the vibe is infectious and hard to ignore. Serving food throughout the day, a delight I never unfortunately sampled, and some great drinks at night, it is a treat no matter what the time.

Turning into a club, and consequently charging on the busier nights, the DJ and night life is practically unbeatable. For my last night in Paris, I went to the one at Denfert Rochereau: one of the best nights I had. The Apérol Spritz, undeniably a favourite cocktail, is delicious and great value, and is just a taster of the other delights on the menu. Obtaining what I can only imagine is that ‘Oz’ feel (a little bit like the English nightlife I must admit!), it’s definitely worth the entry price…

  • The Long Hop

The first bar I ever went to in Paris when I moved there, and just around the corner from my flat, The Long Hop became a prominent feature in my social life. Whether it was to watch football fixtures with my friends, have a coffee on the patio, or to have a drink, The Long Hop always had it covered. In fact, I ended up hiring the top floor for my friend and I’s 21st birthday party, and it didn’t disappoint!

Being advertised as a sports bar, you may decide to try somewhere else if sport is not your thing. But still give it a go. Despite showing sports (and having a pool table!), it has a warm and friendly atmosphere, and, on an evening, the music kicks in and it starts the party. With a range of good beers on tap, some tasty cocktails (personal favourite was the Apple Seduction: Vodka, Passoa and apple juice), and the great people who work here, it’s a definite must for everyone in this area to pop in at least once.

So there you have it – if this actually was a competition as the title suggests, the winner is still unclear… Both great in their own way, they’re two places you shouldn’t miss when venturing out into the big city.


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