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Happy Days at HD

Having written my previous post about restaurants, I feel it necessary to now mention a place which could have been included, but deserves a whole post all to itself… HD Diner.

A seemingly normal American-style diner, which even pop up on the motorway now as a service station, it was a while before I first went here as I thought it would be the same as the rest. However, when I eventually went, I noticed one huge difference: the milkshakes. I’m a huge fan of all things dairy (having already blogged about froyo!), and so unsurprisingly milkshakes are up there too.

Scattered all over Paris, the one at Châtelet is worth a visit. Nice and central for when you’re meandering around the city taking in the sights, or perfect for a pit-stop when you’re en route somewhere, the location is great. The inside is up to standards too: the one at Saint Michel is smaller and feels more cramped, yet Châtelet is nice and spacious.

The menu itself is worth going for (if you have a hefty appetite!), containing an impressive range of burgers, hot dogs and even the good old English fish & chips. Although, for me, the highlight has to be the milkshakes. Every time.

Tucked away on the menu with the desserts, it initially looks like a standard array of milkshakes as the choice doesn’t take up too much space… but then you realise it is actually a huge list of flavours, with the possibility of combining two. I love the peanut butter, occasionally with banana, despite the challenge of pronouncing it in French (now perfect after multiple trips). Mixed with ice-cream, topped with whipped cream & a cherry and served with a spoon & a straw, it’s definitely a fulfilling dessert all by itself.

But then again, why not have one as a mid-afternoon break? There’s no need to have the full meal, especially with the added perk of Happy Hour! We all know the French love this, with ‘Happy Hour’ springing up in most bars and lasting for much longer than the insinuated hour… but it is usually, of course, with alcohol. But at HD, it’s with milkshakes too. Buy one get one free. Or BOGOF, as the English daintily put it….

So, if you ever find yourself craving a milkshake in Paris, or even a peanut butter hit, then HD Diner is the place to be!



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