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Mount Parnassus

Situated in the 14th arrondissement, Mount Parnassus, the impressive nickname of the infamous tour Montparnasse which towers over the city, impedes on the skyline almost as much as the tour Eiffel. Although not as structurally striking as the famous landmark, this more modern tower still provides an epic view over the whole city, including a bird’s eye image of Montparnasse station, from where you see the trains coming and going like little worms.

Costing around €10 per person, it’s an easier trip than up the Eiffel, as the queues are always smaller (& both lifts work!). A quick, ear-popping journey up to the 59th floor gives awe-inspiring views straight away, as well as the classic cheesy professional photo opportunity which always seems to go down so well. With glass running all the way round, various telescopes and interactive screens which let you zoom in onto certain monuments and really get your bearings, it’s a great way to see all the city. There’s even a panel which you can stand on that mimics what you would experience if you happened to fall from the top (including tasteful squeals from spectators as you hit the floor), and, on a more cheery note, a café, which sells some delicious hot chocolate.

But there is still the pièce de résistance which makes it that little bit better: the 360 outdoor viewpoint. After a brief stair climb, you find yourself out on the roof of this huge building, getting a real bird’s experience, never mind a bird’s eye view! (Warning: this includes all weather, so it helps to be prepared!) My favourite trick was to go at dusk, experiencing this beautiful city in the light, twilight and darkness – open until 11pm, this is a possibility all year round, and not just in those winter months.

Not only is this what could be considered a cheat’s tour Eiffel, but it is also an amazing opportunity to see this landmark from a height, perfect for when it sparkles in the dark on the hour. ✨💫


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