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When moving to any new place, the first week is always about settling in and finding your way around. Moving back to Paris this time meant that the latter took about no time at all, having already been here for the best part of a year before. As for settling in, there are always those little things you need to buy, like cushions, cleaning products… and random things you find out you’ve left behind at the last minute. The stores in Paris, despite being impressive in number, are usually to do with fashion or top-notch department stores (looking at you BHV Marais!), making shopping for a new flat that little bit more difficult and expensive.

However, there is another option. Nestled next to Charles Michels on métro line 10 in the middle of a smart residential area in the 15th, the Beaugrenelle shopping centre offers a wide array of shops to suit everything. With the largest Marks & Spencer’s in Paris, a huge Monoprix, the usual suspects such as Zara and H&M as well as higher end beauty shops, it’s definitely worth a trip. It also provides free wifi (with a decent bandwidth so you can actually use it!), which is ideal when you haven’t made the swap onto a French data plan.

Further to fulfilling all shopping needs, there is also a cinema and (even better) a restaurant section, in which can be found none other than the famous Chipotle. I can’t be the only one to have seen all the memes on Instagram talking about this chain, and so trying it was a must: despite being a little stressful whilst queuing up, not really understanding what was happening whilst surrounded by regulars, the staff were impressively rapid and helpful. It was delicious, not too heavy & the extra guac topped it off perfectly.

When you’re inside this complex, it’s easy to forget that this modern, spacious shopping centre is in fact in Paris, until you emerge and see the small Statue of Liberty on the river, with the Eiffel Tower hiding just round the corner. The beauty of this is, if you don’t fancy pottering back along the river into the centre, you can get the Batobus (a fun way to get around and sightsee, like a practical bateau-mouche, but not the quickest!), or alternatively RER C from Javel – André Citroën just a short walk away…


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