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Take a little time at Trocadéro

With a bit of time having elapsed since my last post on here, and only a few weeks remaining in Paris before I return to the homeland (& to where avocado brunch and Dairy Milk caramel aren’t rare gems!!), I’m keen to update on everything which I have discovered over these past few months. So, as the title suggests, this post is dedicated to Trocadéro, the pretty famous area across the river from the tour Eiffel. Why would I choose something so generic and touristy having been here for what is now quite a while? Well, to tell the truth, I only just discovered what a fab place this is, and I’m delighted I did.

Obviously, I have seen the tour Eiffel many a time, had many a selfie with it and been offered many a trinket whilst pottering around it. The thing is, I was so focused on seeing the tower itself I neglected to think about what potential around it: I’d seen the Palais at Trocadéro from over the river, and yes, it was impressive, but not as much as the Eiffel tower herself. Hence I never ventured over in that direction.

We’ve all seen those photos of Paris, specifically the Eiffel tower, taken from the perfect angle and height, and I always wondered where this was, or if it was just a nifty bit of Photoshop. Visiting with a friend a few weekends ago, I obliviously stumbled across the one place I realised I had been trying to find since I came back.

Coming out of Trocadéro métro, just veer around the side of the Palais, and you’ll see the spectacular view with the signature tiles on the ground (& currently a bit of scaffolding just to add to the urban feel, thanks France). Going down the stairs to each different level will give you different perspectives on the view, and the perfect vantage point to see the fountains in the gardens.

So when is the best time to go? I first went during the day – it was of course beautiful, but then I went at dusk… and undoubtedly this is the time to go. Just to stay for a bit and admire the view, and even enjoy some street performers on the steps (dancing to Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ the last time I was there, a varied repertoire!). At night the whole city is clearly lit up, with the Invalides dome glittering above the rooftops, and of course the Eiffel itself glittering for 5 minutes on the hour, every hour. It really is a spectacular place, and is the perfect reminder of just how beautiful Paris is. Instead of trying to describe it, here are a few examples….



& obviously the camera can hardly do it justice, and so, if you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to take a trip to Trocadéro.





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