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‘Flat White makes my coffee’

Having taken a break from discussing the best parts of Paris to save for when I can blog about my explorations once I move back in a few weeks’ time (suggestions welcome!), I’ve decided to write about one of the best cafés I’ve been to, which can be found in the quaint little ‘city’ of… Continue reading ‘Flat White makes my coffee’

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Parlez-vous Franglish?

You arrive in Paris, full of excitement and energy, yet slightly daunted by the task of making French friends. Despite being something which seems to come naturally when abroad, it is difficult, especially in a big city, to know where to start. So what do you do? There are, of course, many ways; meeting people… Continue reading Parlez-vous Franglish?

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Crocodile Cocktail? Crazy!

Part of the reason which makes the year abroad so great is, of course, the possibility of exploring, relaxing and spending time with friends (both old & new). Keen to find quirky places near my flat, I did a bit of research and found a cocktail bar called Le Crocodile on TimeOut [the apparent lack of their own… Continue reading Crocodile Cocktail? Crazy!